Downloading and Installing Intelligence Reporting

Downloading and Installing Intelligence Reporting

1. Download Intelligence Reporting

To download your version of Sage Intelligence, visit our website and choose the appropriate version.

b) Choose the relevant version of the product you would like to download by selecting it in the top selection box in the form.

Note: You need all of your workstations and installations to be running the same version of Intelligence Reporting. If they are not, you will get constant popups searching for an access database login.

c) If you are running an install already on the domain - To find the current version that is running, please launch the Report Manager module on a functioning workstation. You can find the name of the product you are running in the top of the menu bar.

2. Save and run the Intelligence Reporting.exe file.

Once you have selected “Downloaded" the file, you need to save the Intelligence Reporting.exe file to your local machine or network. Run the Intelligence Reporting.exe file. You will need Microsoft Visual Studio Tools and a Microsoft .Net framework for Office runtime to be installed. Click on Install.

Note: All instances of Microsoft Excel need to be closed.

3. Go through the Sage Intelligence Reporting installation wizard steps below and click finish when installation is complete.

The installation will take a few minute, please follow these steps:

a) Click Next.

b) Click Next

c) Click Install

 d) Click Finish to close the Installation Wizard.

4. Select the Intelligence Report Manager module.

On the start button or menu, search for Intelligence Reporting and select the Report Manager module which you need to run any report.

a) The first time you open the Report Manager you will be asked to specify a report repository path.

b) If you are running the product already in the domain, be sure to connect to the same metadata repository are the other installs. To find the current path, follow this article:

c) if you entered in a current metadata path, you will be required to choose a license type for available licenses. If you need to change license types, please see this article here:

d) Thereafter, every time you open the Report Manager you will be asked to enter your SQL Server and instance name, database and login credentials and click OK. Once set up, you can tick the box to remember your database credentials for future use.

The Report Manager will open.

5. You can select the type of report you want to create and click Run. The report will generate automatically and will be delivered in a Microsoft Excel format.

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