Using Velixo Reports in Citrix/Terminal Server enviroments

Using Velixo Reports in Citrix/Terminal Server enviroments


This is a best practices guide for installing and configuring Velixo Reports in a Citrix or Terminal Server environment. The document applies to standalone Citrix/Terminal servers and to Citrix server farms.

MSI-Based Installation

Installations are per-user and every user need to install it in their own Windows profile.

Application executable files are deployed to %APPDATA%\Velixo (ex: C:\Users\myname\AppData\Roaming\Velixo) and a registry key is added to HKEY_CURRENT_USER for automatic initialization when you start Excel.

Elevated (system) privileges are not needed by the installer. If you are using Group Policy to deploy the application, ensure that the MSI package is assigned per-user.

Manual Installation (not recommended)

An administrator can technically move the add-in files from %APPDATA%\Velixo to a shared location, but you will still need to configure the add-in to load from Excel or from the registry. Note that if you do that, the automatic updater will still prompt your users to update, and you will be responsible for updating the application files in the shared location manually.

Method 1 - Configure the add-in to load from the Excel UI

Open the File menu:


Next, select Options from the list:

Under Manage, select "Excel Add-Ins" and click "Go..."
In the Add-ins window, click "Browse..." and select the XLL file corresponding to the version of Excel you're running (32-bit or 64-bit).
The add-in will load automatically everytime you start Excel.

Method 2 - Load the add-in manually

The XLL file can be double-clicked or opened from Excel just like any other file, and the MYOB Advanced toolbar and related tools will be initialized at this time.

Method 3 - Configure the add-in to load from the registry

The registry path is HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Excel\Options. You need a string key named OPEN with a value like below (replace path with you path and use 32/64 bit XLL as needed). There may be multiple OPEN entries numbered sequentially (OPEN2, OPEN3, etc.) if you have existing add-ins.
For additional troubleshooting steps, please refer to the following article: Installation troubleshooting
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