Velixo Reports SQLite Error

SQLite Connection Error with Velixo


When trying to run or update Velixo on a workstation, you are getting a SQLite access error


You are prompted with the screenshot above when:
  1. Trying to reset the local cache
  2. Do a new install and refresh a worksheet
  3. Trying to add your COA


There are a few reasons this could be happening.

Version mismatch or multiple versions installed

If you have tried to install Velixo Reports to a different location, or installed it to multiple locations, or install multiple bittage versions, it may be not able to create the SQLite file required.
Run a full Uninstall of all versions, and reinstall the latest version.

Your domain policies have locked down AppData

The default instance of Velixo installs components to both AppData and LocalAppData repositories. If these are locked down by your policies, you will run into this issue.

Windows Security is blocking creating the initial SQLite database file

Often you see no information about this until you repeatedly error out, and then you will receive a popup. This is particularly evident when running Windows Defender.
Eventually, you will get a popup as soon below:

To resolve the error above, TEMPORARILY add an exclusion to allow the EXCEL.EXE process to create the SQLite file, and once created, remove the exclusion.
To add an exclusion, go to Windows Security > Virus & Threat Protection > Settings > Manage Settings > Exclusions > Add Exclusion > Process

Once you have added the Exclusion, attempt to run a process using Velixo Reports, and once successful, remove the temporary exclusion.

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