Sharing Report Shortcuts using Intelligence Reporting

Sharing Report Shortcuts using Intelligence Reporting

When you create a report shortcut, it creates and points to a file within the AppData directory of the user that created the shortcut, which in turn points to the BICore.exe on the machine. When another user tries to run the report shortcut, it brings up an error.

  1. Login to the Report Manager
  2. Select the Report you want to create a shortcut for > Right Click > Create Report Shortcut

  3.  Select the location you would like to save the file to and click Save.
  4. Go to that newly created file > Right Click > Properties
  5. When the Properties Window opens, you will find a location of an Lnk text file within the application target window highlighted below.

  6. The Target of the Shortcut will look something like this: "C:\Program Files (x86)\MYOBExoIntelligenceReporting\BICore.exe" -LNK[C:\Users\alchemex\AppData\Local\Alchemex Pty Ltd\MYOB Exonet Intelligence Reporting\Version 7.5\lnk_945f1ef4-0935-4f88-878e-014021648342.txt]. The specific reference we are looking at in this target is: C:\Users\alchemex\AppData\Local\Alchemex Pty Ltd\MYOB Exonet Intelligence Reporting\Version 7.5\{Ink file unique name}
  7. You will need to go and locate the Ink file, and copy it to a location accessible by all users. Typically, I create a new folder within the Alchemex Metadata folder called "Report Shortcuts" and paste all of these Lnk files in there.
  8. The final step is to go and update the new path to point to the new Ink file in the properties from step 5 above.
  9. You can now copy and paste this Report Shortcut to all users who should be able to run it.
  1. This is the easiest way to copy Report Shortcuts on a Terminal Server, across users.
  2. Please make sure you copy the config file if you are using one of our Auto-Connection products. Please see this article for more information on duplicating the connection credentials.
  3. If you are copying to different workstations, please make sure that each workstation has the same version of Intelligence Reporting installed, else the location of the BICore.exe will change.

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