License OK button greyed out

License OK button greyed out

Your license managed has the OK button greyed out, however there are still available licenses.


  1. Go to C:\Program Files (x86) > Common Files > BIComponents and ensure this folder is full read/write access
  2. On Windows 10, do a further check to make sure that the PLDONGLE.dll within this folder is not marked as read only
  3. Launch the License Manager from the start menu
  4. Perform serialisation
  5. Try and launch the Report Manager
Additional Steps if Required
  1. Deleted the PLDONGLE.dll from Step 2 above
  2. Launch the License Manager as an Administrator with the right-click method
  3. This should bring up a installation screen that you should allow to run
  4. Finally, run a Compact and Repair from the File > Compact Metadata menu of the License Manager

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