ABM Workstation Installation Pop-Up

ABM Workstation Installation Pop-Up


When a particular user or groups of user go and launch any module, a popup appears trying to reinstall something. Cancelling the popup may eventually allow the application to launch. This is not a problem for Administrators but it is a problem for other users. If the installation goes ahead, different users may be affected.


Do the following:

  1. Open the Event Viewer from the Start Menu
  2. Double-click Windows Logs
  3. Double-click Application
  4. Search for Events related to the MSI Installer error.
  5. Locate the event with ID 1004 and have a look for the username it is looking for
  6. You have a couple of options:
    1. Ask your administrator to give full access to the path that is having a problem. They don’t need to provide full access to the entire path, but rather just the folder in question. This will allow the installer to believe the issue has been resolved and installer, but the users won’t be able to get through the entire folder path and into other users profile’s.
    2. Ask a system administrator to do the update using an account with domain admin permission

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